KF Report

KF Report is a service based on software residing on the Client’s PC or accessible via the web (“Cloud”).
With KF Report, a “real-time” report of financial analysis and probability of default of the Italian corporations present in the AIDA database of Bureau Van Dijk is generated.

The tool is particularly effective as it combines the strength of KFE’s analysis on the probability of default with a clear explanation of financial phenomena. This allows a simple and immediate reading of the company even for less experienced staff in financial analysis

Some analyzes proposed by the report:

Presentation of the probability of default for the current year
Evaluation of the financial performance of the last three years with a natural language explanation of the strengths and weaknesses
Brief presentation of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flows
Main Financial Indices
Profitability, balance sheet, capital strength, working capital and cash flow charts

Access the KF Report