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Services offered by KFEconomics

Analysis offered to the market through the partnership with Bureau Van Dijk (AIDA database):

  • Insolvency Risk Map by cluster (quarterly)
  • Insolvency risk of companies present in AIDA, expressed in rating class (k6-k7: excellent solidity, k5-4: neutral, k3: vulnerable, k2-k1: high risk of default), Probability of Default ‰
Positioning analysis
  • Positioning analysis for companies present in AIDA; represents the analysis of 10 indices compared with the values of solvent and insolvent companies
  • Historical incidence of failures: Historical incidence of failures in the 240 clusters identified; quarterly report

Consulting Services

  • Consultancy for the restructuring of processes relating to credit management: Credit Portfolio Analysis
  • Supply chain strengthening consultancy: Supplier Rating
  • Consultancy for the introduction of rating in marketing activities (“Rating Based Marketing”)
  • Development of customized models combining the KFE rating with internal customer indicators (e.g., history of the relationship with the customer)

KF Report:

With the KFReport service, our customers have “real-time” access to a customizable report of financial analysis and probability of default of Italian companies
The tool is particularly effective as it combines the strength of KFE’s analysis on the probability of default with a clear explanation of financial phenomena. This allows a simple and immediate reading of the company both from
part of experienced analysts rather than less competent personnel

Some analyzes proposed by the report:

  • Presentation of the probability of default for the current year
  • Evaluation of the financial performance of the last three years with a clear explanation of the strengths and weaknesses
  • Summary presentation of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flows
  • Main Financial Indices
  • Profitability, balance sheet, balance sheet, working capital and cash flow charts