SevenData enters the capital of KF Economics

If last year SevenData, a scale-up Martech (Marketing & Technology) data-driven company founded in Milan in 2017 and specialized in the collection and processing of official and alternative data for advanced marketing systems for SMEs and the PA, expanded its perimeter through the acquisition of ShinyStat, a technological platform for web analytics and on-site Marketing Automation that allows companies to collect leads and develop e-commerce on their website, this year the Martech company expands its perimeter shopping in the field of high-profile statistics and data science, becoming the controlling shareholder of KFE, a boutique specialized in the creation of decision-making systems for credit risk analysis.

The signed agreement provides for the entry of SevenData into the capital of KF Economics with a majority stake of 60%. The founding shareholders of KFE (Equita K Finance included) will remain within the shareholding structure as minority shareholders with a 40% stake. Figures with proven experience such as Paolo Lasagni, Francesca Grasselli and Francesco Pattarin, co-founding partners of KFE together with Equita K Finance, will therefore continue to contribute to the growth of the company with their skills and will have the opportunity to develop new business by joining of the world of SevenData.